How to pack light

Packing Less To Enjoy More

So you have decided to take a trip. You are so excited about how much fun you will be having at your destination. Your next thought is…what should I pack? You don’t want to forget anything and but you don’t want to have to carry more bags that will only way you down and make you stand out like a tourist. In this post, I’ll cover why you should pack less to enjoy your trip more.

Pack Only Your Essentials

How to pack light

We have all done it over and over again. We open our closet and start trying to decide what clothes to bring on our trip. We end up packing a different outfit for everyday, thinking that the fashion police are going to write us a ticket if we are seen in the same outfit 2 days in row. This of course is completely false because everybody is so concerned about themselves that they are not paying attention to anything we are doing.

So what do you actually need to pack. Let’s cover the essentials. Toiletries, a good pair of shoes and maybe sandals, a few comfortable outfits and maybe 1 to 2 dressy outfits. That’s it! As I already stated, you don’t need a different outfit for everyday that you know you won’t end up wearing anyway.

Here’s a helpful resource from smart traveler on you to pack light for your trip. Also, check out the video below for more tips on packing light for your next trip.