should you use a language translator device

Should You Use A Language Translator When Traveling?

Can you guess what the number one reason is people feel restricted on vacation when visiting a different country. It’s the language barrier. We don’t think about how incredibly valuable it is too easily communicate with one another until that privilege is taken away. But thanks to amazing new tech we can all now speak fluently when we travel to different countries.

Translators Vs Your Phone App Translator

So you are probably thinking…don’t I already have this tech on my smart phone through translator apps? The answer is yes and no. We all do have apps available on our phones that allow someone to speak and for that message to get transcribed into a different language. Heres the thing, these apps while useful can be clunky and inaccurate, and they just give you the text to read.

These new translater devices not only translate spoken words with better accuracy, but they read the message out loud to the you and the person you are trying to communicate with. The user experience is much better and can actual make you feel like you have the ability to be fluent in a different language with out having to dedicate years of time learning the language.

Pro of Using A Language Translator

I think the pros are quite obvious here. You go from being completely clueless, trying to communicate with hand motions or maybe a couple of words to speaking perfectly in that language. It’s also much less likely you will be taken advantage of in a different country if the locals know that you can understand them. Finally you will travel with less fear and way more confidence.

Cons of Using A Language Translator

The obvious one is the price, which is actually not bad. The best language translators are only around $199 and if they do what they claim they are well worth it. But if you are on a budget then I can see this being a hurdle.

Next would be translators that only go one way. I’m not really sure why companies sell these. Whats the use of telling someone what you want to say in their language if you can’t understand their response back. It can cause a lot of frustration and might leave you feeling like you got ripped off. Thankfully there are a few out there that do 2 way translation giving you a truly fluent experience. You can see a preview of one Travis Touch Go, one of the best 2 way language translators available on the market. It might not be perfect all the time, but it can make your travel experience much better than going at it alone.

In Conclusion

We all know learning a new language is very difficult and if you are not in the culture, there is a good chance you will never become fluent. I personally think these new translators are very useful and I would highly recommend giving them a shot. I you are trying to learn a new language they could really help you improve at the same time.